Sunday, May 31, 2015

Creating a Haven

After being stuck inside for the winter and early spring I'm ready to move outdoors.  Dinners are enjoyed on the patio or in mosquito weather in the gazebo.  Instead of cleaning my house, I'll take weeding the garden any ole day.   It's work I enjoy, a time to de-stress and think.

Right now I can harvest asparagus, rhubarb and a mix of greens from my garden and soon strawberries.   In the heat of summer it's where I "shop" for food every single day.  Whatever my garden offers gives me the challenge of "What's for dinner."  It's my safe haven for organic food.  It might not look like a lot of garden, but I use my raised beds to the max.  Pack them full of great soil from the compost pile and do a 3 year rotation on my crops.  This years crop includes,  Yukon gold potatoes, tomatoes (10 plants), peppers, zucchini,  winter squash,  broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, kale, mustard greens, leaf lettuce, bok choy, okra, onions, basil, peas, and cucumbers.

We eat mainly vegetarian style but don't limit ourselves.  We just bought some organic beef from our friends farm so we know exactly what's going into our bodies.  Once in a while I crave meat for the protein and there is nothing better than steaks and burgers on the grill.

Whether you have a tiny plot or a big one it's easy to turn it into an outdoor living space.  Our front porch has comfy vintage ivy terrace furniture for an afternoon book read in the shade.  If I had a shed I would probably turn it into a summer guest house or bedroom!  Space you can escape to without ever leaving home.

What does your Haven look like?  

There are lots more beds behind the flower garden that you can't see from here.
Even on a rainy day it's beautiful.

My fire pit is ready for a campfire with friends.

Everyday is a new adventure when you garden.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shipshewana Flea Market

I'll be in Shipshewanna every Wednesday at the Taproot Tee's booth Come visit us at 606 row 18.  I'll be selling up cycled antiques, and harmonica neck gear.  Kim creates hand painted, original designed tee's.