Thursday, June 18, 2015

Arts on the Millrace

I've been busy!  This will be UMT very first Art show and I'm so excited to be among so many talented people.  This will be the 2nd Annual show but the line up is fantastic, complete with music.  If you know where the Farmers Market is in Goshen or the new Goshen Brewing Company ?  It will be right between the two.  It starts at noon and goes until 8:00.  Pray for sunshine!  And the good part for you my friends is that it's right next to a brewery!  They have fantastic food as well as beer :)  I hope you all can make it!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ice Tea 3 Ways

The lightning bugs are blazing, and the humidity is high and there's nothing better then sitting back with an ice cold beverage.  Here are a few ways I like my tea (and it's not sweet).  

First off, I boil a few cups of water and add 6-8 green tea bags to a half gallon jar.  Then I fill it with cold water and remove the bags.  


I'm an avid gardener and love to use herbs for flavoring.  If you don't have herbs you might find them at a farmers market, or ask a friend with a herb garden.

When my lemon balm gets to big and is about to flower  I cut it all down and rinse it off, then add it to a pot of boiling water and steep it for 3 minutes.  After it cools pour it into ice cube trays and freeze.  I add these to my plain ole tea for a burst of flavor, not to mention the health benefits of lemon balm.  You could also use lemon grass or lemon verbena herbs.

If you have kids you could make a healthy version of lemon aid by adding a *simple syrup to the lemon balm tea.  Then add strawberries and fresh basil for extra sweetness-it's delish!
 In the evenings when I'm ready for a little cocktail, I add a shot of this to a glass of ice tea.  It's got a wonderful apple, cinnamon flavor that's a nice flavoring for my tea (it's a little to sweet for me all by itself) and it comes from a local organic distillery in Three Oaks Michigan.

The house is clean and it's time to kick back with a
summertime drink!
*Simple syrup-boil equal parts water and sugar until it's reduced by half.  You can flavor the syrup with herbs and spices for drinks.