Saturday, March 28, 2015


 My mom made us the cutest little cowgirl outfits for our 2nd birthday and I don't think I ever outgrew the style!  Living in the west turned me into a cowboy junkie.  I loved seeing the long horns and the buffalo ranches while driving through little mountain towns.  Believe it or not the first place I actually ever saw a real cowboy was in my front yard in Hawaii.  We lived on the edge of the largest singly owned ranch in the USA,  Parker Ranch. In Hawaii a cowboy is a  Paniolo.   I could watch them all day as they would round up the cattle in their wrangler jeans, chaps and long sleeve snap shirts with their ruggedly handsome dark skin.  Whats not to like?   

I'll be featuring a certain "look or style" every few weeks and will give my readers a preview of what I will be adding to my Etsy shop.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions.   I'll add at least two items each day until they are all up, then I'll start a new collection.

Call it what you will cowgirl or boho, it's a mix that I love.

 A shirt dress is the perfect in-between season dress.  It can be worn as a dress paired with a jacket, or paired with leggings and worn open as a jacket.  The sleeves can be rolled up or worn down.  Depending what you add this one is perfect for spring and fall. It's a size 6 and has been adorned on the back with some cowboy barkcloth fabric.

Also one of my favorite things...TOOLED LEATHER.

A velvet mens hat adds a touch of boho, you don't want to overdue the cowgirl look.

I love to layer on the neck-gear.

A collection of small accessories

Handmade bracelets

1950's souvenir  bandanas

handmade burlap wedding bouquet

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Suede shirt jacket

Friday, March 20, 2015


I loved the look of  the infinity scarves this winter with the oversized stitches and wanted something for summer that would give me the look without being heavy or to warm.  

I bought some tiny little cording and started playing around and came up with these.  The look is casual or dressy and the chains are adjustable .  I just added them to my Etsy shop, by clicking on the box to the right it will take you right to my shop without ever leaving your seat!

This set comes with 3 different chains for a multitude
of looks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Laws of Jewelry

for sale on Etsy

Fore sale on easy

For sale on Etsy

From my previous post on storage idea's for my jewelry you can tell by the picture that I really like it :)  But I'm very, very picky about where I get it from.  

When the economy crashed people in the "Art" community really felt the pinch.   That's when I decided that the jewelry I buy would always help to support an artist, a good cause or an antique dealer.   My husband knows the designer that I like so it makes it easy for him to buy me a gift.  Meg even made our wedding bands.   

Lot 2545 sells handmade jewelry made with recycled paper.  The jewelry is made in Africa and helps to get young boys off the streets and back into school.   I have a few of these.

In this mass produced world, I would rather have something that is totally unique, a style that's all mine, and to help someone in the long run.  Living a simple life sometimes requires more thought.  It does more good all around when you make conscious choices.  The pieces will be in my possession long after other styles have come and gone, and they also have special memories associated with them.

Once you start the cycle of conscious buying you can apply it to everything.  Think small business', Mom and pop restaurants etc.  It's what America once was and hopefully will be again.


Saturday, March 14, 2015


I have been cooped up way to long and had a big weekend planned in the windy city.  When that got cancelled I was in a deep sad state.   I thought I would turn it around by doing something nice for someone else and  invited some friends over for Thai food.  They were busy and every attempted plan after that failed as well.  

 After setting my head straight, and putting on my big girl pants, I loaded my car with water, dog treats, and dog and headed North.  We only live about 12 miles (if that) to the State line of Michigan, but it's kind of funny how I always stay on this side of the line. 
 I set out to find some new places to acquire items for UMT and ended up only 30 minutes away in Three Rivers, MI.  A town full of beautiful historic building, but unfortunately most are empty.  I did find a fun shop downtown called "Centsible Treasures" and around the corner a coffee cafe that was pretty remarkable.  Across the street from the coffee cafe is Scidmore park, it sits right on the river.  It was a perfect day for sitting outside with Pax and enjoy the wild life.

I love old abandon buildings.  I think this was
a school.  So much potential!
Side street.  So sorry I didn't get one from Main Street, so
many great buildings!
L.A. Cafe

A wonderful egg tamale pie with sliced potato crust and coffee latte.

If you have small children and live in No. IN you have to check out this park!  It's really big,
has a playground, petting zoo, popcorn stand and lots of picnic tables and shelters.

Pax trying to make friends with the ostrich and a Lama

  On the way home I meandered  though a few little Michigan towns and in the end I was really glad that the weekend ended up this way.  I realized that Chicago is celebrating Saint Pats day and the town is a zoo, a green one at that (not my cup of tea).  And all in all it made me get out of my comfort zone and do some exploring on my own (well, with Pax and Siri!)  
Antiques and smudgy dog window.
The little town of Constantine.  Not a whole lot there but they do have an
awesome Art Gallery and hardware store and a new Brewery!   Again lots of
empty historical buildings,  so sad.
I didn't come home with a whole lot because I'm being very particular about what
I buy for the shop, but was happy with the outcome none the less.  How about
the tiny silver shot glasses from Germany, and the aluminum leaf  ice tea spoons?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Storage Idea's for Accessories

It seems my newly decorated guest room has turned into my easy shop staging area for photo's, and some storage.  Like this lamp below.  This room has a whole wall of windows for great lighting for photographs.  After it lists on Etsy it goes here.

This is how I roll.  Everything has to be visible and easy to grab so I can play around when assembling an outfit, (then put it back where it belongs). As simple as nails in a board in a small closet (my husband labels Char's boutique).  It houses everything but my clothes.
Pins on a small frame covered in fabric,  turns the jewelry into art!
I keep bracelets in a basket on a dresser.

Pendants that I can add to a chain are kept on a tiered aluminum server.
 A jar for buttons that come with clothing so I can find it if needed.

These are usually found in work rooms to hold nails and screws but the
see through boxes make one great jewelry box.  (ewe I need to dust!)
I find these a necessity. ..
A silver cloth for polishing, 
pliers  because I'm always reinventing pieces I already own,
 and scissors for tags and strings.

Scarfs displayed on a vintage hanger my friends gave me,
and a vintage plastic one found at a thrift shop.