Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tiny House Living in Small Bus

Remember my friend Emily Swift who hiked the AT last year?  (click on the link to read about it).  Well, here she is with Chris (her boyfriend that she met on the trail:) and they are ready to launch into a whole new nomadic adventure-Living large in a tiny bus while traveling the states.

Chris bought the bus at a school auction and converted it to run on used cooking oil.  This is not a cheap endeavor, but the reward is once it's done you can pretty much run for free.  If cooking oil is not available they also can switch over to run on diesel fuel.   Most small restaurants have to pay to have this waste product hauled away, so it's a win, win situation most of the time, and it's recycling!  They live to support small local business and hope to make some great connections in their journey.  We met for a crafted brew at the Crooked Ewe and everyone knew them there.  They let them fill up the bus while I filmed.

As a Union electrician Chris can go just about anywhere and find a job that pays a decent salary as  temporary help.  His job at IUSB just ended so they are headed to Memphis, TN his hometown to finish up the interior of the bus in a warmer climate.  They are making some custom cabinets to house  the already purchased appliances.  Will be adding solar panels, and a compostable toilet.

Emily will just go with the flow, take care of the dog and bus and work when needed.  She's thinking about something that she might be able to do out of the bus, like a handicraft, she's a creative gal and I'm sure she'll figure something out.

I'm hoping that they start blogging so that we will all be able to go on this fun journey with them!

Here's a personal tour of the bus and how it works.  Hang on tho,  I'm not that great with a hand held camera!