Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Your Actions Show Your Character

One day after hanging out with Jeramiah and a few of his peeps on the beach, he started running around like a mad man picking things up here and there.  When he came back to us I asked him "What in the heck are you doing?"  His answer was "Picking up trash."  Then he turned to his friends and told them,  "When I was a little boy my mom would always make us pay our dues for getting to play at the park by picking up trash.   

As a mom that was thrifty enough to stay home with my 3 children I took advantage of parks, the library and museums quite often.  I wanted them to be thankful not to me but of what we are privileged to have available to us for learning, playing and growing.  

They all make me proud by their actions and sometimes its the smallest things in life that mean so much.   They soon add up to big things!  So glad it stuck with him, and who knows how many others are influenced?

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