Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thought for the Day

As you walk
and eat
and travel,
be where you are.
Otherwise you
will miss most
of your life.     Buddha
   When we were visiting my adventurous son in Hawaii last January he was suppose to meet us at a certain beach that issues only so many parking passes.  So we kept waiting and  waiting for him to arrive when all the sudden I spot him on a paddle board.  He ended up having to go to the next beach and he always has his "fun gear" with him.  So he just paddled on over with a backpack full of food and phone etc.

He asked me if I would like to try the paddle board.  I really did want to, but I let fear get the best of me, and made all the excuses…"you don't have a leash, what if I loose it?"  yada yada yada.  Finally I did try and had better luck on my knees.   I was still afraid to go to far.  Jeramiah put me up front on my knees and he paddled me around the bay.  

I really don't know to many young men who would do that for their mothers so it meant the world to me and I had so much fun.  Better to try and fail then to miss a chance at something new and exciting.          

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