Sunday, August 23, 2015

Environmental Designs

One doesn't
discover new
land without
loosing sight of
the shore…


I start a new career next Tuesday.  I get to share my passion for design and sustainability with some hungry minds.  Ivy Tech Environmental Designs has offered me a position.  I'm honored to be working with sone very talented people.  Dr. Kent has turned this program into more than just Interior Design, and now other colleges are following suit.  It just might be the reason she was honored with "Teacher of the Year" out of all the Ivy Tech Campuses.  The program has come so far since I went to Ivy Tech, so I'm also looking forward to adding some classes like cad to my bucket list.

Interior Design has gone beyond the walls and into the yard and exterior of the home to incorporate outdoor living spaces and continuity as well as  sustainability, by using products that are safe for people and the earth and thats why it's now called Environmental Design.

I'm only working two days a week so hopefully I'll be able to spend more time on my easy shop (so sorry it's been empty for awhile, my work is at junk Evolution until the end of the month).  I will also have time to work on freelance design work.  

Here's a peek at our design center:

Student Desk

Class/lecture area
Dr. Kathryn Kent (Dean of Env. Design)

Cheryl King -15 years teaching at Ivy Tech

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