Saturday, January 24, 2015


Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


I've lived in some incredible places, but as the ole saying goes, "You can always go home again" and I did.  Now my oldest (Jeramiah) lives where he was born.  The Big Island of Hawaii, and my middle child Rosemary and her husband Drew, live where I first moved, ( Colorado).  Weston youngest lives in Muncie, IN  approximately 2 hours from Middlebury, where I live.  Do I dare say "He's just getting started?"
I love the fact that they are experiencing life and finding their own way, and frankly that we kind of paved the way for that life.   We all live such different lives with similar meaning,  following our hearts and living a simple life.  We strive to be sustainable, adventurous , organic and healthy and creative.

As a mom I wanted to start this business with my family to keep us more connected, and to bring out the best of us and share it with others who enjoy the same kind of lifestyles.   We are still in the planning stages but it won't be long until our business is all set up!   So here it goes.  This is us!
Me and my kids
Drew, Rose, Jeramiah, me and Weston
Today I'd like to introduce you to Jeramiah (J.D.)  He went to school in Colorado for Outdoor Adventure and has worked at zip lines in Colorado, Hawaii and this summer in Ohio.  He is on a 7 month adventure on the mainland with his dog Makai (another Hawaiian) that started in Indiana in June.  He traveled by a really fat tire surly bike and baby bee carrier (for Makai and his supplies) to Tree Frog Canopy Tours outside of Mansfield, Oh then to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah and just ended up in California to visit his dad and Aunt.  You can read more about JD on his blog

At a music fest in Austrailia

Tree Frog Canopy tours-thats JD with the big snake :(

JD and his travel companion Makai

Working at Tree Frog Canopy Tours- Ohio

At home in Hawaii
If you look at the top left corner-you'll see Jeramiah high lining in Aspen, CO

Moab, Utah

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