Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Music Man

Galway Kinnell

My youngest son, Weston wanted to go into Film and communications and started in high school at the Career Center, then on to college at Ball State.  He found some friends with music backgrounds and  formed a band, and that's all she wrote.  Much to his parents disappointment he only went to college for one year.   He lives and breaths music.  Unfortunately Art doesn't always pay so he does construction and landscaping for a paycheck.

Ever since he was little he's always had drawing pads close at hand (loved to draw comic strips).  Now he's always got a notebook for writing songs.   Maybe that's what led him into his new hobby of making leather bound journals for his friends and loved ones.  I was one of the lucky ones who received one for Christmas and begged him to make some for UMT.  He agreed, so that will be his contribution to the business, along with posts on music.

He plays the base for "Apathy Wizards" and likes to collect vintage sports coats,
western shirts and suits to wear on stage.

The Apathy Wizards sound is described as gypsy folk, pirate punk, if you'd like to give them a listen click on the link.

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