Monday, January 26, 2015

Rosie Posie

Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me-OWN IT!

Some are just born with a sense of wanderlust, and others need to be where its comfortable and familiar.   Rosemary didn't know what she wanted to do after high school.  I tried to get her to go away to College, she just wasn't ready.   It's not easy to let go of your children and have them move anywhere but I know from experience, you learn and grow when you live in other places.  The best appreciate where you came from.  

As soon as Rose and Drew married they started making plans to move someplace. It seems they both just needed each other to make a move.  Low and behold they ended up in Lakewood, Colorado.   Its a suburb of Denver but they get up in the mountains whenever they have a free day to hike and explore new turf.  They still haven't used the ski passes we gave them a year ago and hope to very soon!

My daughter was never in to vintage clothes.  She loved all the little dresses that her grandma and I made her when she was little, but the bottom line was that she wanted to fit in, and she loved to shop.  My sons have always been vintage shoppers,  Rose is more of a bargain hunter and is very good at it.  So my challenge for her will be to show our readers how to assemble a great mix of items vintage with new.

I used to make her model my Global Warming sweaters
and Rumspringawear.

Her first love- Pax :)

hiking in my old stomping grounds- Montezuma, CO
Rose and Drew

Anyways,  being the only daughter who grew up between her brothers on a small farm,  she has always been a little bit of a tomboy, loves sports, animals and people.  She also has a blog "Mile High Hoosier" if you'd like to follow.

I've started loading a few items on to our etsy shop and hope to have it open for business very soon!

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  1. Love this girl. So excited to read more about the new adventure!!