Thursday, April 9, 2015


Flannels, and cotton shirts-All season mountain wear for Etsy.

This might seem like the wrong season to be adding long sleeved shirts to my shop but trust me, it's the perfect time!  We had a saying when I lived in Dillon, Colorado (at 10,000 feet) that we had winter, late winter, spring and early winter.  If you're like me and don't like humidity, Colorado has the perfect weather.  You can have a nice warm summer day, and in the evening still wear a flannel shirt or even a wool sweater.  Very good sleeping weather.  

So with that being said, this collection is literally perfect year round mountain wear.  We also always layer in Colorado because the weather temperatures can change dramatically.   I learned the hard way about monsoon season while hiking at about 13,000 feet without a jacket.   

I choose shirts that are worn to perfection, meaning very soft but in very nice condition.  Then I make them mine by adding a patch and our logo to the back (so you can show your own sense of adventure).  I always look for natural fibers and high end brand names with excellent quality.

I love the colors of this shirt, basic brown and red.

A red and white mountain patch

Not just for men!   Wear it with a sensible compass necklace that will come in
handy while exploring!

light weight cotton, red, white and blue

Thermal paired with a flannel

Back Patch


Army green work shirt

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