Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Forage

Spring time in Northern Indiana is still pretty monochromatic in other words blah.  The first green shoots you see (that look like grass) are the wild chives.  Such a welcomed herb if you like garlic and onion flavors.  I grabbed a couple of handfuls (just the top part) to use in my cooking this week while on a walk.

My husband and I love (a store bought) salad dressing called Low Fat Sweet Vadalia Onion.  Anything low fat usually has lots of added sugar so I wanted to try my hand at making it, but a healthier version.   Ed gave it two thrombus up.  So here it is.

1 tbs rice wine vinegar (you can use regular white vinegar)
2 tsp local honey
2-3 tsp onion powder
1 cup honey greek yougurt
S & P to taste
2 pinches of spring chives

Whisk together in this order, you can adjust the dressing to taste, (you may like it a little sweeter).  Plain yogurt can be used as well but you'll need more honey or natural sugar.
This dressed about 3 medium sized salads so adjust your recipe accordingly.
Walking the Pumpkin Vine

Spring chives

If you aren't sure if they are chives pick some and smell the cut end-they
smell like garlic.

Pax-the wonder dog.  My kid replacement, little buddy, constant companion :)
Chives and eggs 

store in an air tight container in the fridge.
Once they dry they loose their flavor, then it's
time to go for another walk in the woods.

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