Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chair Re-hab

 When I want something new I first always go through my stash and see what I already own that I might be able to refurbish.  I decided to turn my sun room (that's connected to my kitchen) back into a dining room because I love looking out the windows while having my morning coffee.  I'm a daydreamer, it's just how I function best, and this is the perfect spot to do it.

 I had 2 of these oak Haywood Wakefield fiddle back chairs, and 2 French styled arm chairs (that were probably from an office because they were very sturdy, gloss varnish and vinyl upholstered seats, not pretty but good bones!
Since these are Haywood-Wakefield chairs I really didn't want
to paint them.  I just re-upholstered the seats with traditional pillow
ticking fabric.

I had intended to recover the backs, but they used tiny, long
staples in a small groove and there must have been a million of them!
If I could have gotten to them I would have most likely ruined the chair,
so I ended up priming and painting the fabric cream.  It's not a soft feel,
so I would never put it on a seat but the back of the chair is fine.

I used(left over from the cabinets) oil base paint for the chair.  I'm so over chalk paint.  I tried to
paint over another set of chairs that I painted and finished with wax and the paint will not stick.
They will all have to be stripped.
To replace the cording and add a little embellishment I went with a natural burlap webbing strip,
I used a fabric glue and stapled the ends.  Then added the cording also in a natural jute. 

They also pair well with my drop cloth draperies.

Close up of the details.
 I like to keep my dining room pretty neutral because I have a large collection of vintage dinnerware and depending on my mood or the season, it changes frequently.   This little bit of trim adds a nice rustic finish to a formal chair.  I have red accents (my small appliances and wool rugs) so the trim ties everything together.
The backs are also finished off with the trim.
I bought a vintage round oak table with carved cabriole legs, and fully intended on painting it but once I put everything together I like the warmth of the old wood and left it for now.

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