Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kitchen Renovation Before

I take so many photo's but realized that there are very few of the room that I probably spend the majority of my time in.  So after quite a bit of digging I found a few of the before pictures.   As you can see by the amount of stuff of the counters that might be the very reason why-I'm usually using it and don't want that stuff in the picture!

 We removed an eating bar and chairs that were located on the other
side of the stove top and bumped out the cabinets to that width making our work area
a much better size for two people working in the kitchen.  We also cut the cabinets about 6"
short on that end allowing for more room when the refrigerator doors are open.  I really wanted
an island but couldn't afford the space so I created the end cabinet to look like one.  It has a
hickory wood top, and is outfitted with a large utensil drawer, and 2 pots and pans drawers.

We removed this light soffit to open up 
our view.  (These are old pictures!)

The lighting is bad in this photo, but it shows the
placement of the old electric stovetop above
(see the tea kettle)

On the built in on the outskirts and the top cabinets we
only needed to replace the doors.

This is the area that we now have our GAS
cooktop-with a view!

The area where the stove is, is now the island

stripping down the old tile

Ripping down the soffit and we removed tile that had been laid
right on the top of the original wood floor.

everything out!

The floor before

The same floor after sanding and repairs

With the finish

Stay tuned for the After photos!

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