Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Reveal

Last November I started to paint the kitchen, starting with the ceiling and came to a crack that needed to be repaired.  I have neck problems so it was something we needed to call in a professional for.  I also needed to take down the old fan to finish painting and told Ed that I found a really cool fan that would look great in our dining area.  He told me I could get it.  The more I thought about spending all that money on a fan when I really needed a new cooktop.  Mine was probably from the 70's, electric and took 15 minutes to heat up.  So everything came to a halt and we got to work on the design.  With all the doors and windows we couldn't change to much about the layout except to widen the work area, and change the stove to the back looking out into the dining area.  We also shortened the area where the faux island is to make a larger walk way.  Instead of cabinets for the pan we added drawers.  I feel like the few changes we made have made cooking so much easier!  and quicker!

Since our home is a period home (1910 Craftsman style bungalo) I wanted to stay with cabinetry that reflected that period but modernize it with paint.  I also used period iron hardware (reproductions).  I like the steampunk look of adding some industrial elements to an period house and have added clear glass school house light fixtures and an up cycled egg basket pendant light with an Edison bulb above the island.  I stripped the door and tried to stain it to match the floor but it just didn't look as good as I hoped it would so I ended up painting it.  I also used a vintage register vent that you see in this photo.
Having changed from tile to quartz made cleaning so much easier as well, no grooves.  If you missed the before photo's they are in the previous post.

Going up the steps from the kitchen dining area

looking back at the dining/sunroom area.  This is the same
tile that used to be onto of the flooring in the kitchen.  We kept it
for now.  The draperies are made from canvas drop cloths, and hung on
copper pipe..

My new farmhouse sink, and a few old plates that belonged to my great, great grandmother.

New light fixtures

The Faux island

Pots and pans drawers-Its so wonderful to not have to
dig through stacks of pans.

Bosch cooktop with retractable vent.  Now you see it

now you don't!

The cabinets were custom made with maple and finished
with an oil based paint.  I know that's not as environmentally
friendly but the durability of oil far exceeds the latex or acrylic.

Quartz and Hickory counter tops

The view over the stovetop (subway tile with charcoal grout)

The Fan that started this whole renovation!  The whole fixture
spins around and really keeps the kitchen cool.

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