Saturday, March 28, 2015


 My mom made us the cutest little cowgirl outfits for our 2nd birthday and I don't think I ever outgrew the style!  Living in the west turned me into a cowboy junkie.  I loved seeing the long horns and the buffalo ranches while driving through little mountain towns.  Believe it or not the first place I actually ever saw a real cowboy was in my front yard in Hawaii.  We lived on the edge of the largest singly owned ranch in the USA,  Parker Ranch. In Hawaii a cowboy is a  Paniolo.   I could watch them all day as they would round up the cattle in their wrangler jeans, chaps and long sleeve snap shirts with their ruggedly handsome dark skin.  Whats not to like?   

I'll be featuring a certain "look or style" every few weeks and will give my readers a preview of what I will be adding to my Etsy shop.  Feel free to message me if you have any questions.   I'll add at least two items each day until they are all up, then I'll start a new collection.

Call it what you will cowgirl or boho, it's a mix that I love.

 A shirt dress is the perfect in-between season dress.  It can be worn as a dress paired with a jacket, or paired with leggings and worn open as a jacket.  The sleeves can be rolled up or worn down.  Depending what you add this one is perfect for spring and fall. It's a size 6 and has been adorned on the back with some cowboy barkcloth fabric.

Also one of my favorite things...TOOLED LEATHER.

A velvet mens hat adds a touch of boho, you don't want to overdue the cowgirl look.

I love to layer on the neck-gear.

A collection of small accessories

Handmade bracelets

1950's souvenir  bandanas

handmade burlap wedding bouquet

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Suede shirt jacket

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