Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Laws of Jewelry

for sale on Etsy

Fore sale on easy

For sale on Etsy

From my previous post on storage idea's for my jewelry you can tell by the picture that I really like it :)  But I'm very, very picky about where I get it from.  

When the economy crashed people in the "Art" community really felt the pinch.   That's when I decided that the jewelry I buy would always help to support an artist, a good cause or an antique dealer.   My husband knows the designer that I like so it makes it easy for him to buy me a gift.  Meg even made our wedding bands.   

Lot 2545 sells handmade jewelry made with recycled paper.  The jewelry is made in Africa and helps to get young boys off the streets and back into school.   I have a few of these.

In this mass produced world, I would rather have something that is totally unique, a style that's all mine, and to help someone in the long run.  Living a simple life sometimes requires more thought.  It does more good all around when you make conscious choices.  The pieces will be in my possession long after other styles have come and gone, and they also have special memories associated with them.

Once you start the cycle of conscious buying you can apply it to everything.  Think small business', Mom and pop restaurants etc.  It's what America once was and hopefully will be again.


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