Friday, March 13, 2015

Storage Idea's for Accessories

It seems my newly decorated guest room has turned into my easy shop staging area for photo's, and some storage.  Like this lamp below.  This room has a whole wall of windows for great lighting for photographs.  After it lists on Etsy it goes here.

This is how I roll.  Everything has to be visible and easy to grab so I can play around when assembling an outfit, (then put it back where it belongs). As simple as nails in a board in a small closet (my husband labels Char's boutique).  It houses everything but my clothes.
Pins on a small frame covered in fabric,  turns the jewelry into art!
I keep bracelets in a basket on a dresser.

Pendants that I can add to a chain are kept on a tiered aluminum server.
 A jar for buttons that come with clothing so I can find it if needed.

These are usually found in work rooms to hold nails and screws but the
see through boxes make one great jewelry box.  (ewe I need to dust!)
I find these a necessity. ..
A silver cloth for polishing, 
pliers  because I'm always reinventing pieces I already own,
 and scissors for tags and strings.

Scarfs displayed on a vintage hanger my friends gave me,
and a vintage plastic one found at a thrift shop. 

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